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Almighty Allah has blessed Pakistan with long coastal belt which is full of marine resources. However, its 85% population is living below poverty line and extremely lacking in provision of basic amenities. Overall literacy rate is less than 40% and only 27% of women are literate; which is world’s lowest. Moreover, no comprehensive health related quality infrastructure exist there. Only 2 x hospitals are available for usual ailments, whereas, serious patients are referred to Karachi for treatment. In case of emergency/ accidents, death rate is quite high due to non-availability of Trauma Centres in the area. Power shortage is another challenge on the coastal belt and nearly 25% of its population doesn’t have access to electricity. Further, 10-14 hours load shedding is regular feature. This situation becomes worse in the summer. Less than 24% of its population has access to piped water and less than 7% has access to internet.

In this backdrop, SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION was established on 13th April 2014 as a Not for Profit NGO setup under Section-42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 to exclusively focus on the deprived needy brothers and sisters living in small fishing villages and coastal settlements spread all along over 1000 km coastline, so as to improve their well-being & quality of life. Sahil Welfare Association is a subsidiary of Bahria Foundation and fully supported by Pakistan Navy. Its Board of Directors comprises of philanthropists from civil society as well as senior serving naval officers from field commands and Commander Coast serves as ex-officio Chairman. Besides undertaking various projects in health, education, water, energy and rehabilitation, it provides all out support to the bereaved families affected by natural calamities/ disaster.


To contribute to the socio-economic and human resource development of the coastal areas that are essential for improving the rural and low-income lifestyle of one of the most vital communities of Pakistan as well as the national integration of such populaces in Pakistan.


To empower the people of coastal areas of Pakistan and improve their quality of life and livelihood.


All members of the General Body including the Bahria Foundation are required to contribute to establishing the following endowments. Donations from Government, individuals, companies as well as NGOs (subject to authorization by COA / NHQ) will be taken for the purposes listed below.


Health Care

Coastal Area Socio-Economic Development


  • Quality Education Facilities

    •To provide quality education facilities and free/ subsidized education including boarding and lodging, books, stationery, school uniform and transportation and scholarships.
    •To provide facilities for vocational training and entrepreneurial development and financial support so as to promote business for employment generation and development and up-gradation of infrastructure like Jetties, roads, fish/food processing plants, etc.
    •To arrange health education, first aid and midwifery training programs;
  • Health Care Facilities for Coastline

    •To provide health care facilities, medical centres, maternity homes, diagnostic labs and medical camps, ambulances and medical evacuation facilities at local level and through naval hospitals in other cities.
    •To survey and identify health care issues to support timely intervention and arrange special medical treatment for the needy
  • Clean Drinking Water Projects

    To undertake portable water projects and rainwater harvesting projects.

Sahil Welfare Association

Journey of Empowering, Educating & Uplifting of The Coast

SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION is proud to be working with an honest and dedicated team bent on improving the lives of the underprivileged populace in coastal towns and cities. Our team comprises directors and members who work on an honorary basis and do not withdraw any remuneration or benefits from the association.

An executive body i.e. the Board of Directors comprises of 11 Directors with Commander Coastal Command as the Chairman.


Chairman's Message

Sahil Welfare Association has been established to play a dynamic role in the socio-economic and human resource development of coastal areas of Pakistan in order to have civil-military harmony, national integration, conducive environment and undertake welfare projects. For this purpose, Bahria Foundation, Civil Society and philanthropists have joined hand in the sacred mission as joint venture with Pakistan Navy.

Sahil Welfare Association is committed to improve the well being and quality of life of deprived/ deserving people and community living in Coastal/ Creek AoR. In this regard Sahil Welfare Association has undertaken various projects for provision of quality education & financial support to needy students, provision of healthy living & and strengthening the medical infrastructure, installation of solar panels & water filtration/ RO plants, assist Pakistan Navy in disaster & flood relief operations and improvement of daily life of needy people.

I want to appreciate the directors, donors volunteers from civil society sector particularly the entire team of Sahil Welfare Association and Bahria Foundation for their valuable support.  I look forward that Board of Directors will leave no stone unturned to complete the existing projects and to take up new ones for the welfare of the deserving populace of this under privilege province. I also suggest you to use your personal influences to inform and motivate the people to share in this noble cause.  Your valued input and support for further refinement in continuation of this noble cause will be welcomed and will Insha Allah serve as an impetus to accomplish our responsibilities towards our dear motherland. I assure you for my all out support and pray for the success and continuation of this noble cause. May Allah give us guidance and strength to fulfill this sacred mission.

Pakistan Navy Zindabad
Pakistan Paindabad

Board of Directors

Vice Admiral Raja Rab Nawaz HI(M)

Chairman/ Director

Rear Admiral Adnan Majeed SI(M)


Cdre Jawad Haider Khawaja S.Bt TI(M)


Cdre (R) Shahab Qamar SI(M)

CEO/ Director

Capt (R) Asrar Alam PN


Mr. Muhammad Mujtaba Khan

CFO/ Director

Mr. Nazim Fida Hussain Haji S St


Hony Cdr Dr Nuzhat Farooqi PN TI


Mr. Shaikh Naveed Anwar


Dr. Yahya Chawla


Mr. Danish Aman



SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION (SWA) was Established on 13th April 2014 as a subsidiary of Bahria Foundation, SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION was licensed under Section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984 and registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as a Non-profit organization. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION NTN No. is 42645646.


Take a deeper dive into SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION’s internal records audited for the satisfaction of our stakeholders.


Financial Statements


Financial Statements


Financial Statements


Financial Statements


Financial Statements


Financial Statements


Financial Statements


Financial Statements

ArchiveD Site

Take a tour of SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION’s Old Website

Donate Now

Donate and help people of coastal areas on the following accounts at Bank Islami Pakistan Ltd, PIDC Branch, Karachi.


Sahil Welfare Association

3rd Floor, Bahria Complex IV, Main Chaudhry Khaliq-Uz-Zaman Road, Gizri, Clifton, Karachi.

10, Liaquat Barracks, HQ COMKAR Complex, Shara-e-Faisal, KARACHI

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