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How it Works

SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION believes that our donors deserve the privilege of being kept fully informed at all times about the direction of our distribution of funds. Generally, decisions on the utilization of funds are taken with collective wisdom at the forum of the board of directors meeting. Moreover, SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has given open access to all of its past audits.

Fund Utilization


When it comes to funds being allocated for educational purposes, SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has sponsored needy cum talented students through CNS sponsor a child scheme with the sponsorship covering all basic educational needs. These include the cost of tuition fees, books, uniforms, stationery, school bags, etc. Moreover, educational Institutes under SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION are provided with good infrastructure, hiring of qualified faculty/teachers, along with furniture, electricity, freshwater & basic medical facilities all of which are borne under said donation funds. Transit school buses are also provided to ease the burden of transportation on the students. All in all SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has spent around 18.65 Million Rupees in the educational domain.


SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has a mission to provide quality and affordable health care services to people with respect, dignity, and sympathy. In this regard, SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has made major contributions in providing medical aid to the coastal populace in the form of Medical and Eye camps including the provision of free medicines, on-spot minor procedures & eye retina operations. Additionally, consulting clinics are also arranged where patients may discuss the issues with specialists. Around an estimated 9000 patients receive benefits from such services each year. Apart from medical camps funds are also utilized for the following purposes such as the provision of medical equipment and ambulances to hospitals. Free treatment is provided for patients with serious medical ailments. Development of health-related infrastructure. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has expended 6.75 million rupees in the healthcare domain.


SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has seen its efforts to bore fruitful results whereas the distribution of additional sets is being planned. With over 200 Solar Panel sets worth Rs. 6.71 million already distributed to deserving people in Ormara and near villages, SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION plans to find alternative power solutions to the already electricity-deprived areas of the coastal regions.


During natural calamities such as rains, floods, earthquakes, etc. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION supports the affected families and distributes ration clothes, blankets, drinking water, tents, and other necessary items. In this regard, SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has spent 7.375 million rupees.

SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has undertaken various projects for welfare and rehabilitation such as the repair of boats for fishermen, the distribution of warm clothes during winters, and Ramadan Dastarkhawan. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has expended 4.495 million rupees in this domain.


Constant efforts are being put to provide underprivileged coastal areas with clean water solutions such as RO Plants and Water Bores as well as Water Filtration Plants. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has spent 10.95 million rupees on water-related schemes.


SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION regularly distributes ration bags amongst the poverty-stricken families of the coastal/creek areas. Ration bags generally contain basic commodities i.e. flour, rice, sugar, pulses, oil, spices, etc. Since its inception, SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has distributed ration bags worth Rs. 67.55 million.

Donate Now

Donate and help people of coastal areas on the following accounts at Bank Islami Pakistan Ltd, PIDC Branch, Karachi.


Sahil Welfare Association

3rd Floor, Bahria Complex IV, Main Chaudhry Khaliq-Uz-Zaman Road, Gizri, Clifton, Karachi.

10, Liaquat Barracks, HQ COMKAR Complex, Shara-e-Faisal, KARACHI

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