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SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION actively participates in numerous welfare activities for communities along the Sindh & Makran coast. We aim to spread a network of welfare projects across the coastal towns and cities to provide the basic privileges and opportunities to coastal residents allowing them to focus on the aspects of their life beyond necessities and amenities everyone should have.




SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION aims to provide quality educational facilities and free/subsidized education including, books, stationery, school uniform, shoes, school bags, transportation, and scholarships to the bright students of these coastal towns to take the burden of education away from them.


SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION aims to provide quality educational facilities and free/subsidized education including books, stationery, school uniform, shoes, school bags, transportation, and scholarships to the bright and needy students of the coastal belt. Education plays a pivotal role in securing the bright future of coastal youth thus contributing to nation-building. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has helped make a footprint in this sector by establishing Bahria Models Schools and Colleges in coastal / creek areas of residence to facilitate the local masses in those areas in attaining a good educational base at minimal fee.

At present, more than 2,000 Students are studying in Bahria Model Schools and Colleges. Moreover, Rs. 7.1 M have been contributed towards CNS Sponsor A Child Scheme and Rs. 10.44 M for hiring of teachers and adminstations staff, uplift of infrastructure and provision of basic amenities. In addition, SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION SAHIL also provides support to government schools/colleges on the coastal belt in hiring faculty and developing/maintaining infrastructure

BMC Gwadar

BMC Ormara

BMS Jiwani

BMS Bin Qasim


CNS Sponsor A Child Scheme was launched in 2012 with an aim to provide free-of-cost education to deserving local students of coastal & creek areas. Under the scheme, students are sponsored for one year and are provided with free books, uniforms, school bags, copies, stationery, etc. Since its inception, 1,811 students have been sponsored. 


Full Sponsorship:

Rs. 18,000/- for Cost of tuition-fees, books, uniform, stationery, etc 

Half Sponsorship:

Rs. 9,000/- for Cost of tuition fee only

Adhoc Sponsorship:

For any other need of students.


The coastal belt is lacking basic health facilities and no comprehensive health-related infrastructure exists. Only two hospitals namely PNS DHARMAN JAH at Ormara operated by Pakistan Navy & GDA Hospital at Gawadar are available for usual ailments whereas serious patients are referred to Karachi for treatment. In case of emergency/accident death rate is quite high due to the non-availability of a trauma center in the area and limited resources. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION is trying to fill this gap but a lot more is to be done.

With limited medical services available for the coastal populace SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has a mission to provide quality and affordable health care services to its people. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has taken following steps for the improvement of health facilities in the coastal areas.

Medical Camps



8280 Patients



6061 Patients



8278 Patients



11826 Patients



1419 Patients



4164 Patients



14171 Patients

MISC. Projects

SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION actively contributes to several miscellaneous welfare projects that include the installation of solar panels, provision of clean water, distribution of ration bags, and flood/rain relief operations to support these coastal communities who lack even the most basic of resources required to function a healthy nurturing lifestyle.

Provision of Clean Water

Clean and pure drinking water has been a long-standing issue in the area as well. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION aims to expand its growing facility of providing pure drinking water to the numerous other areas that are still extremely deprived of it. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has already spent an estimated Rs. 10.95 M on projects such as the installation of RO plants at Water bores and ultra-water filtration plants all at various locations across the coastal belt.

Provision of Solar Panel

To combat the Non-availability of electricity and prolonged load shedding. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has started a program of distributing solar panel sets with electric fans so that coastal citizens can benefit from their natural surroundings. This can help provide relief to some of their problems relating to the unavailability of basic utilities such as electricity via solar panels. With over 200 Solar panel sets worth around Rs. 6.71 M already distributed in Ormara and near villages, SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION plans to find alternative power solutions for the coastal regions. Solar Panel has also been installed at Taqwa mosque Windar and several other locations making them more functional as well.

Ration Drive

SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has undertaken several ration drives since its establishment. With a regular distribution of ration bags to the Coastal and Creek areas, the populace is provided with daily commodities i.e flour, rice, butter, sugar, pulses, etc. Over Rs. 67.55 M has been spent on ration drives so far.

Disaster Relief

SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has undertaken several reliable operations in the rain/flood-affected coastal areas and also distributed several necessary relief items to support these operations in order to provide a lifeline to these disaster-stricken areas. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION participates as much as possible and distributes ration bags, warm clothes & blankets, clean drinking water, tents, and other necessary items. SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION has spent over Rs. 72.36 million in relief and disaster operations.

In Uthal

In collaboration with the Pakistani Navy (PN), Sahil Welfare Association is actively working to provide flood relief and aid to the people of Uthal.

Measures taken included:

These efforts have significantly supported the locals and helped control the escalation of the disaster situation.

In Sindh

The Sahil Welfare Association has also been actively providing flood relief and assistance to the people of Sindh in collaboration with the Pakistani Navy (PN).

Their initiatives include:

These efforts have mitigated the impact of the floods and improved the living conditions of the affected population.


In terms of rehabilitation projects, the Sahil Welfare Association has undertaken a number of construction projects, including the construction of mud houses in Sujawal. At District Lasbela, Sahil Welfare Association has also collaborated with the World Memon Organization (WMO). Sahil Welfare Association has also implemented a rehabilitation program called “Sponsor a Family” in addition to the construction projects. A family receives Rs 15,000/- per month under this program (up to six months). These efforts have helped to provide much-needed aid and assistance to those in desperate need of rehabilitation.


SAHIL WELFARE ASSOCIATION aims to not just continue but also increase the number of community welfare programs for coastal / creek areas.

Continuing Support CNS Sponser A Child Scheme

Continuation of Medical & Eye Camps

Continution of Ration Drives

IT Vocational Training at Ormara

Installation of RO Plants

Installation of Solar Penel Sets

Family Sponsership Scheme

Construction of Mud Houses

Donate Now

Donate and help people of coastal areas on the following accounts of Meezan Bank, Boat Basin branch, Karachi.


Sahil Welfare Association

5th Floor Bahria Complex II, MT Khan Road, Karachi.

10, Liaquat Barracks, HQ COMKAR Complex, Shara-e-Faisal, KARACHI

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